About Citizens Union Foundation

Founded in 1948, Citizens Union Foundation (CUF) is the nonprofit research, education and advocacy organization affiliated with Citizens Union, though it is governed by a separate board of directors and operates with independent finances. Like Citizens Union of the City of New York, CUF is a nonpartisan force for good government which works to inform and engage the citizens of New York to ensure local and state government values its citizens, addresses critical issues, and operates in a fair, open, and fiscally sound manner. CUF also monitors the deliberations and actions of government, conducts research, and analyzes the impact of proposed public policy and legislation at the city and state level.

Today, both Citizens Union Foundation and Citizens Union serve complementary roles as watchdogs for the public interest and an advocate for good government at City Hall and the State Capitol. Working to ensure fair elections, clean campaigns, transparent governing and responsible governance, Citizens Union not only seeks to inform the debate on public issues, but influence the formulation of public policy that affects the lives of all New Yorkers.

Believing an informed citizenry is the cornerstone of good government, Citizens Union Foundation publishes GothamGazette.com, a daily news website covering the issues facing New York. GothamGazette.com features news, commentary, in-depth analysis and links to other Internet resources on New York City. It has become a vital resource for elected officials, policy makers, advocates, community leaders, students, media professionals, and concerned citizens covering local issues like no other news publication in the City. Since 1989, Citizens Union Foundation has also monitored the New York City Council and has published Searchlight on the City Council, a comprehensive guide to the city’s legislative body and its actions.

In 2005, Citizens Union Foundation is not only publishing GothamGazette.com and Searchlight on the City Council, but it is also:

  • pushing for ground-breaking election law reform and better administration of city elections through the state’s long overdue effort to implement HAVA,
  • continuing our efforts to reform state government including a focus on creating an independent redistricting commission to draw legislative district lines,
  • launching a civic education initiative aimed at bringing Gotham Gazette into targeted classrooms to strengthen citizenship and civic involvement among our young people;
  • undertaking efforts to bring about greater state reform in lobbying, ethics, redistricting, and the state’s public authorities;
  • continuing our successful poll worker recruitment program, and holding interesting forums like our "Civic Conversations" series.